Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Me and My Achilles

So I've decided to start "What Scares Me Wednesdays". Welcome to the first installment. Warning, this will probably go on forever considering I am scared of nearly everything.

Recently, one of my fears hit a little too close to home. I found a small gash on my leg on top of the Achilles tendon. I have no idea where it came from but by the time I found it blood was caked too it. I nearly fainted.

Getting cut through my Achilles tendon is one of my greatest fears. EVER. Like if you see me in a dress or shorts take notice. I don't shave that part of my leg. I could slip, you know. I could go crazy and just keep cutting. Even I don't know what I'm capable of, heh. I think it all started because for some reason when I was very small my mom thought that it would totally legit for me to watch Pet Semetary. Yeah. Not cool. Most things about the movie really didn't bother me, in fact to this day for some reason I'm not totally opposed to the idea of a real pet cemetery. However, when I saw that kid and his hand and that knife swiping from under the bed I was done. It seemed as if I would never again carelessly let my legs hang off the bed without fear. As time went on I began to conquer my fear and eventually it was a distant memory. Through the years I had watched many other scary movies and had been fine, that's until I saw Child's Play. I'm not actually sure which one I saw first but that fear I got from the Pet Semetary kid was back with vengeance. I imagined Chucky hiding in doorways and under my bed with a switchblade trying to cut my Achilles tendon. Creepy, I know.

Actually this is creeping me out. I think I'm going to go to bed and finish this in the day light. Eeek...

Ok. I made it to another day without my Achilles severed. Anyways, my fear never subsided after Child's Play. Why? I'm not sure. I kind of think it's because Chucky refuses to die and he will always be lurking with an ax or switchblade. As I grew into a teenager the fear grew with me. Not only was I afraid of letting my feet hang off the bed, I was afraid of standing too close to a car in the dark, or basically any edge that someone could hide under and cut me! I mean I can't even go to Europe now thanks to Hostel. What if I get kidnapped and the person who wants to kill me is an I-love-to-cut-Achilles-tendon person? Is that really how I'm suppose to go? By the way copying the URL for that last picture almost killed me. Ugh.

Thanks to these horror movies, I have to sit and wonder what happened to my ankle. Was Chucky under my jeep? Did I barely escape death? Or did I just scuff it on something somewhere? I'll never know, but now I know I won't be able to shake this fear.